About Us

Who We Are

We are a collective of publicists, journalists, strategists and facilitators who empower all of our clients to challenge the status quo, stand out from the crowd and create memorable, branded experiences for their consumers.

At IndependentlyPR, we pride ourselves on being a startup culture with big box ideas! We focus on the unique talents, needs and stories of every client and share their message with the people that care the most. Like other agencies, we too, have the experience and knowledge of the industry; but it's our insight that is the most valuable. We've worked in entertainment, fashion, higher education, politics, health and the arts. These experiences help us to stand on the cutting edge of communications.

Personal Info

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  • Washington, DC
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Digital Marketing

We connect you with your community then catapult you into the center of these conversations online. We create multimedia storytelling opportunities so that you can engage more deeply with the people that care the most. Let us spend time planting your footprint in the digital landscape.

Visual Branding

We help establish a polished and professional look across your social platforms while also increasing engagement. We don't just create a "voice", we help you adapt a persona that can work consistently across all forms of branded media. This yields more shareable content.

Media Relations

Working with the media is essential for your business. We have the know-how that allow us to pitch appropriately to hundreds of journalists, bloggers, TV/radio stations and editors. The art of timely press releases and media alerts makes us quite a catch! Please contact us for a complete list of services.


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